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2021 Season now OPEN

UpdatedTuesday February 23, 2021 byJaclyn Chabot.


Good morning MRBA families,

Registration is now open for the spring season.  Sorry for the delay in communications, It took us a bit to navigate the return to play guidelines that we must follow in order to play this spring.  We did not want to move forward until we were certain that we could reasonably meet those guidelines.   Additionally we have a couple new board members but continue to look for more.  This season will be more work than a normal season so the more help we can get the better.  Please email Jason Patterson(email listed below) our president if you are interested in helping out.   Thank you to our outgoing board members Elise Chenowith, JB Blair and Andy Kuzaro for helping out in previous years.

If you rolled your registration forward last season, you received an email with special instructions for registration.  Please follow those when you register.  Otherwise you will register as normal and pay with a credit card at the time of registration.  

The DOH return to play guidelines for phase 2 that we must follow are:

-limit of 75 people per field including players and coaches

-all spectators, players and coaches must wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines(people from same household can sit together)

-as a league we must maintain contact tracing logs.  Thus if you attend a game or practice you will be asked to sign the log.

If you'd like to read the whole document please go to:

We have to comply with these guidelines or risk losing field space from the district and or city so we ask for your cooperation.  Our priority as a league is to get kids playing again 

Registration will close at 8pm on Sunday March 7th.  Teams will then be formed by the board and practice for everything but T-ball will start March 15th.  T-ball registration will be open longer and will not start until April. If you are interested in coaching please register as a volunteer coach as well.  A reminder this season is open to 13 year olds.  If you are 13 or younger as of April 30th you are eligible to play. 

Age groups are as follows:

4-6 year olds - Tball

7-8 year olds - Rookie Machine pitch

8-10 year olds - Minors

10-13 year olds - Majors

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering as a board member please contact our president Jason Patterson at


Thank you,

MRBA board